What Are My Monthly Living Expenses You Ask?

This is a question that I am asked quite a bit and mainly from people who are considering life on the road either seasonally or full-time. Currently, my living expenses hover around $800 a month (this is in U.S. dollars and includes medical and dental insurance) or less than $10,000 a year. With that said,... Continue Reading →

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How to Navigate an RV in San Francisco, the Hilliest City in the U.S.

Luckily, I'm quite familiar with the beautiful city of San Francisco having lived in the area for many years, so the intimidation factor for driving Gypsy Rose in and around the city is quite low when I'm there for a visit. By sharing my personal experiences and offering some tips my hope is that these... Continue Reading →

Off the Beaten Path: Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri

Sometimes I just get the urge the head off the beaten path and experience something that is a little harder to find and that doesn't offer the convenience of being along or near the main highways. Doing so will allow you to discover some hidden gems. The roads may be bumpier and narrower, but most... Continue Reading →

How to Conserve Your Water When Dry Camping or Boondocking

When you are dry camping or boondocking it means that your RV is not connected to a water source or any other utilities. It means that you have to carry your water supply in your RV whether it is in your freshwater tank and, if you desire, in additional portable containers. For the sake of... Continue Reading →

Get Me Outta Here – A Poem by THLB

Get Me Outta Here   Oh, the chatter in my head feels like a crowded subway train in New York City. Packed in there like sardines. Suffocating. Unpleasant. Rattling down the tracks. One thought pressed up against the other. An endless stream. Can hardly breathe. I can’t wait to get off at the next station.... Continue Reading →

My Favorite City to Visit in the U.S. is Chicago (at Least for Now)

Maybe it’s because this was my first visit to this world-renowned American city or maybe it’s because it truly is an incredible place, but after spending a month in Chicago, it is at the top of my list as my favorite city in the U.S. to visit.  In the summer of 2017, I did eight... Continue Reading →

A Tropical, Luscious Hike to Manoa Falls on the Island of O’ahu, Hawaii

The Manoa Falls trail on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu is a 1.6-mile hiking trail through lush, tropical rainforest. At the end of the trail is Manoa Falls, a 150 ft. waterfall that drops off of a steep, flat cliff face into a small natural pool surrounded by rocks and boulders. The hike is exquisite.... Continue Reading →

Park Your RV (or Car) in San Diego and Walk to Tijuana, Mexico

Looking for a fun and culturally stimulating way of spending a day outside of the States when exploring the west coast? Just head to San Diego and then keep on heading south. On a recent trip to San Diego to meet up with friends there, and other friends who were visiting from Michigan, we decided... Continue Reading →

Driving Your RV in the Wind, Oh My!

Ever felt nervous driving your car in strong winds, feeling the vehicle getting blown around precariously and wondering if you're able to keep it under control? Well, if that's got your nerves, it hardly compares to what you will experience driving an RV. Now, I can only speak for the conditions that I have found... Continue Reading →

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.” - Carl Jung

I Would Drive 3,000 Miles for This Sandwich and I Did

Well, I didn't exactly drive 3,000 miles FOR the sandwich. It was more like, at the end of my 3,000-mile journey there was this sandwich, that I had fantasized about for over 10 years since I last had one, waiting for me to devour and savor in my memory until the next time. I come... Continue Reading →

29 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying an RV

When I first starting dreaming about life on the road in an RV about 10 years ago, I knew very little about the subject. I just knew that it was something that I felt would suit my personality and lifestyle well. For years I dreamed about it, but when it came down to getting serious... Continue Reading →

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