A Tropical, Luscious Hike to Manoa Falls on the Island of O’ahu, Hawaii

The Manoa Falls trail on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu is a 1.6-mile hiking trail through lush, tropical rainforest. At the end of the trail is Manoa Falls, a 150 ft. waterfall that drops off of a steep, flat cliff face into a small natural pool surrounded by rocks and boulders. The hike is exquisite.... Continue Reading →

Hiking Downwards into Heaven at Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park

There are so many natural wonders that exist here on earth. Many of them are often described as heavenly. I guess that's because the feeling that we experience is so unique and elevated that we feel like it is something beyond our earthly existence. Something that we imagine we might feel after we have left this... Continue Reading →

What a Relief It Was to Be in Nebraska

In the summer of 2017, I made my way across the country, in Gypsy Rose, from Napa towards Chicago for 8 back-to-back weekend art festivals. On my way there I camped in a beautiful campground in Breckenridge, Colorado and enjoyed being in the Rocky Mountains for the first time, for a couple of days. However,... Continue Reading →

Wandering in Wonderland – A Poem by THLB

Wandering in Wonderland   I wander with a sense of wonder Wandering under the moonlight Wondering how it is so Wandering up the mountain Wondering how it is so Wandering through the forest Wondering how it is so Wandering by the seaside Wondering how it is so Wondering how it is so Wandering through my... Continue Reading →

Exploration and Camping at State, Provincial, County and Regional Parks

There really is a lot to be discovered in the not-so-popular and lesser-known parks and campgrounds. The National Parks are wonderful, but there are also other interesting parks to discover on your road adventures that will nurture your soul. When you're seeking out campgrounds to stay in don't forget about the hundreds of State, Provincial,... Continue Reading →

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