My Favorite City to Visit in the U.S. is Chicago (at Least for Now)

Maybe it’s because this was my first visit to this world-renowned American city or maybe it’s because it truly is an incredible place, but after spending a month in Chicago, it is at the top of my list as my favorite city in the U.S. to visit.  In the summer of 2017, I did eight... Continue Reading →

Park Your RV (or Car) in San Diego and Walk to Tijuana, Mexico

Looking for a fun and culturally stimulating way of spending a day outside of the States when exploring the west coast? Just head to San Diego and then keep on heading south. On a recent trip to San Diego to meet up with friends there, and other friends who were visiting from Michigan, we decided... Continue Reading →

I Would Drive 3,000 Miles for This Sandwich and I Did

Well, I didn't exactly drive 3,000 miles FOR the sandwich. It was more like, at the end of my 3,000-mile journey there was this sandwich, that I had fantasized about for over 10 years since I last had one, waiting for me to devour and savor in my memory until the next time. I come... Continue Reading →

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