I Would Drive 3,000 Miles for This Sandwich and I Did

Well, I didn’t exactly drive 3,000 miles FOR the sandwich. It was more like, at the end of my 3,000-mile journey there was this sandwich, that I had fantasized about for over 10 years since I last had one, waiting for me to devour and savor in my memory until the next time.

I come from a family of foodies, which means that many of the experiences that I end up having and seeking out when I’m traveling have to do with food. I’m not a frequent red meat eater, but when I do choose to indulge in it, I make sure it’s going to be a quality experience.

One of my gastronomic obsessions is the Montréal smoked meat sandwich specifically from the famous Schwartz’s Deli on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, in Montréal. Schwartz’s is Canada’s oldest deli and has been serving up this sandwich for over 90 years.

When I first sunk my teeth into this delectable sandwich about 25 years ago, it planted a distinctive mark in my brain and in my tummy as being THE BEST smoked meat sandwich that I’ve ever eaten. To this day, after digesting many over the last 25 years still ranks as number 1 on my list – anywhere. This means that every time I’m in Montréal it’s my go-to place to satisfy my craving for the king of all smoked meat sandwiches. At this point, I’m only averaging one every 10 years, so I think it might be time to start picking up the pace.

That repeat performance was just as good as the first, this time in my own home on wheels, instead of sitting at the deli counter. 

After dining in, I went next door to their take-out counter and bought some more of the smoked meat along with some of their rye bread to take back to Gypsy Rose to make another meal for myself another day. That repeat performance was just as good as the first, this time in my own home on wheels, instead of sitting at the vintage deli counter.

It was a very satisfying reward for my long 3,000-mile journey. On my drive back to the west coast, all I could think about was turning around and enjoying another one of those sandwiches. Did I mention that I was just a wee bit obsessed?



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